There are many ways to help with prison ministry in Connecticut.

You can help by having people from Faith Behind Bars and Beyond speak at your place of worship or other gathering.

Because we have first-hand experience either being behind bars ourselves or working with people in prison and people returning to society, we can share personal stories.

By hearing about both successes and failures, you and your group will have a better understanding than you would have just from mass media. Please contact us to arrange a visit.

Faith Behind Bars and Beyond is a network of volunteers. You can help by volunteering your time.

If you want to volunteer inside or outside of prison walls, you can contact us or our allied groups for more information. A description of organizations, programs, and contact information is listed on the Resources page.

Your prayers for those whose lives are shaped by their imprisonment, the people who work in the justice system, and the volunteers who help are much appreciated. Thank you!

If you'd like to learn more about the reality of prison today, and help other people know more about mass incarceration, here's a tool for you:

The Starter Kit for Teaching and Learning About Mass Incarceration will give you a head start. The National Council of Churches has produced this resource in PDF format so that people interested in criminal justice have a set of tools suitable for use by volunteers and professionals.

Help a woman returning to society

New, plain sweat suits – especially large sizes – are needed for women leaving York Correctional Institution in Niantic, Connecticut. To make a donation, please mention that you'd like to donate sweat suits when you contact us.

Freedom Car Donations

Looking for a new car? Here's a chance to donate your old car to an organization which sells or leases cars to formerly-incarcerated individuals and people returning from military service. Read more in the Freedom Cars brochure.