#COVID19 in Prisons and Jails

[An article from the Katal Center for Health, Equity, and Justice.]

We hope you’re taking care of yourself and your neighbors and community as we navigate this entirely new, changing terrain of COVID-19. As we all make adjustments to our lives in the face of this new reality, we can’t forget those who are detained in prisons and jails.

We know that jails and prisons are incredibly susceptible to the COVID-19 pandemic; thousands of people are caged together in small spaces with limited options for quarantine, and a limited selection of sanitary and hygiene products. Many incarcerated people suffer disproportionately from chronic health conditions that make them vulnerable to the virus, especially as they are already receiving substandard medical care.

We’re taking action: in Connecticut and New York, we’re working with allies to demand immediate release of people from prisons and jails.
Katal in Connecticut: Read our full joint Statement & Demands for Connecticut on COVID-19.
Katal in New York: Read our most recent Statement & Demands with Allies on COVID-19.
Check out our new COVID-19 animations designed for Connecticut and New York by Josh MacPhee!

COVID-19 Resources

The situation with COVID-19 is developing and new information emerges nearly every day. Here are a few of the resources we’ve found especially helpful.
Check out the CDC website for the full guidance, as well as for details about the status of COVID-19 nationally.
The Harm Reduction Coalition has issued COVID-19 Resources for People Who Use Drugs and Harm Reduction Programs.
The Prison Policy Initiative is tracking what jails and prisons are doing in response to COVID-19, at their Responses to the COVID-19 pandemic website.
The Justice Collaborative put together this COVID-19 Response & Resources in which includes essential information, proposed policies, and other resources for activists, public officials, and journalists to help them – and all of us – confront this pandemic with a recognition of our shared vulnerability and connection.

Please take care of each other, practice compassion and social distancing, and don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you want to connect.

All of the below refers to Katal Center for Health, Equity, and Justice, not Faith Behind Bars and Beyond!

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