Groups and programs affiliated with Faith Behind Bars & Beyond

A Sacred Place – A Sanctuary of Hope for Incarcerated Women.
The mission of A Sacred Place is to foster a deeper understanding of spirituality among incarcerated women in Connecticut in order to help them lead responsible, spiritually enriched lives that are drug-free and crime-free.
Contact A Sacred Place at aSacredPlace@Outlook.Com
Alpha Behind Bars – Free Insidesm Prison Ministry
A basic introduction to Christian faith and life.
Contact the Rev. Peter Dewberry: (860) 633-4085.
"Free Inside" is a service mark of FreeInside.
Fellowship House
A re-entry housing program for men in the Groton-New London area.
Contact David Stevenson:
A unique gender-specific program for women who have been involved in the criminal justice system in Connecticut.
Contact Theresa Goode:
Kairos Prison Ministry
Retreat programs for men and women in prison and for family members outside.
Contact Laird Mortimer:
New Life Ministry of Southeastern Connecticut (also known as New Life Prison Ministry)
A resettlement program for female ex-offenders in southeastern Connecticut.
Contact Rev. Ann Perrott:
People Empowering People (PEP) (UConn prison program)
A five-to-six-month, weekly training in life skills conducted by experienced facilitators.
A 12-week decision-making and problem-solving program for those in prison.
Contact Bob and Barbara Sireno:
Work & Learn
Volunteers serve as mentors and job advisors in classes for ex-offenders on Tuesday nights in New London to develop spiritual awareness and readiness for successful employment.
Contact: 860-501-9675 or

Links to additional resources in Connecticut

2-1-1 Directory of Services
If you prefer, you can use any telephone in Connecticut to dial 211 instead of using your computer.
Because the website has been revamped, you may find it helpful to use the website's "Search" box for "Ex-Offender Reentry Programs".
Developed by United Way, this directory provides a quick way to find resources for: domestic violence / sexual assault / suicide prevention, food and clothing, re-entry programs, job finding assistance, dental care and community clinics, housing and homeless shelters, mental health and substance abuse, driver licenses and records, support groups, and transportation.
Angel Tree
A program of prison fellowship which seeks to reconcile prisoners and their families to God and to each other through the delivery of Christmas gifts and the Gospel message.
Community Partners in Action
"Promoting Justice; Impacting Society; Changing Lives. We believe people can change." Community Partners in Action is dedicated to building a better community by providing services that promote accountability, dignity, and restoration for people affected by the Criminal Justice System.
The mission of the Connecticut Board of Pardons and Paroles is to facilitate the successful reintegration of suitable offenders into the community.
The Board of Pardons and Paroles' website provides clear descriptions of their vision and values, as well as applications, documents, and other resources.
Connecticut Institute for the 21st Century – Read reports on Connecticut's Corrections, Parole, and Probation Systems
Click the "Search" box and look for either the word "Parole" or the word "Correction".
The Connecticut Sentencing Commission website has several resources
Of special interest is the Page on Certificates of Employability. Also very useful is the list on the Helpful Links Page.
Family ReEntry
Family ReEntry's mission is to develop, implement, and share innovative, sustainable, cost-effective solutions to the unprecedented numbers of people involved in the criminal justice system. A. Stephen Lanza, Family ReEntry's Executive Director, was warmly received at the Hope on the Horizon Forum.
Husky Health Connecticut
A website with a wide variety of community resources, including advocacy agencies, healthcare (including mental health), housing authorities, and many more.
Judy Dworin Performance Project
The Judy Dworin Performance Project harnesses the arts as a powerful catalyst for creative expression through performance, community building, and positive change. The JDPP gives populations affected by incarceration the opportunity to develop a community and speak out about issues they face.
The Malta Justice Initiative (MJI) of Connecticut
The people of the Malta Justice Initiative are committed to ministering and advocating for the incarcerated community and their families. They invite people of all faiths to join them in bringing about overdue reform of our criminal justice system, where the human dignity of the incarcerated is recognized along with the victim's right for justice while enhancing public safety.
Prisoner Visitation and Support (PVS)
Prisoner Visitation and Support (PVS) is a volunteer visitation program to Federal and Military prisoners throughout the United States. "[PVS's] purpose is to provide prisoners with regular, face-to-face, contact from the world outside of prison to help them cope with prison life and prepare for a successful re-entry into society."
The Prodigal Project (video) from Malta Justice Initiative
Malta Justice Initiative's newest initiative is designed to bring together Connecticut's employers and a pool of loyal and hardworking employees, those newly released from our state's prisons. Ex-offenders have the opportunity to make a new start through meaningful employment, with the assistance of the social service agencies STRIDE, STRIVE, and Family Re-Entry.
PEP – People Empowering People
The PEP program builds upon individual life experiences and strengths to encourage growth in communication and problem-solving skills, parent / family relationships and community involvement.
The Roman Catholic Diocese of Norwich's Office for Prison Ministry
The Office for Prison Ministry offers a training program called "Gift of Grace" for adults interested in serving the spiritual needs of prisoners in correctional institutions of eastern Connecticut.
STRIDE – Skills, Transition, Respect, Integrity, Direction, Employment
The STRIDE logo program is a statewide workforce development program that provides transitional support to non-custodial parents both pre-and post-release in CT correctional facilities. STRIDE offers ex-offender a holistic approach to employment and reunification with their families.

Links to additional resources outside of Connecticut

WWW.DrugRehab.Com – Faith & Religion in Recovery
When a debilitating substance habit consumes someone’s life, they often look to a Higher Power to help give them the strength to get better. Although it’s not for everyone, a spiritually-inclined treatment process helps thousands of addicts each year find the motivation necessary for recovery.